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mini sessions LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Pick your favourite session style! Limited spots available so book now so you dont miss out.

These sessions are only available in November this year. The only Saturday available is November 14th, but plenty on Wednesdays, Thursdays from 10am till 2pm and most Fridays from 10 till sunset.

If there is one you are interested in let me know!

Session run for thirty minutes, and include five digital files


** Most props will be provided but some sessions might require you to get some things, each one is different

- sweet dreams

putting one of my two little beds ( one is white and the other is dark timber ) in a paddock and covering it in gorgeous pillows

- boho teepee

the little tent or teepee on location with lace and flowers, blankets and books

- star dreaming

in the studio with lots of gold and silver stars and fluffy clouds, maybe some glitter ( this one could easily be pushed into Christmas styling )

- citrus splash

a sitter session with a citrus theme, and a bath filled with cute sliced fruit

- milk and cookies

this one could be styled to take on a Christmas look, otherwise just stick to cute pastel colours and lots of cookies, with cute little milk bottles and coloured straws

- pink pastel tea party

the perfect excuse to get out your great grandmas crockery and bake some macaroons

- little artist

with an eclectic vibe and lots of colour, on location under the trees, paint pots, easels and brushes

- bowties and bubblegum

for the cute boys in your life, who look so handsome in a bowtie, maybe some braces, and add in some candy to make it extra fun

- sugar kisses

in the studio with lots of sugar colours and balloons,

- flower stall

in the studio or on location, we'll set up a little flower shop, so cute with a floral dress and a flower crown, maybe a cute bike with a basket full of flowers

- prancing pony

using one of my little horse props and finding a cute location, perfect for the little ones

- taco tuesday

with my little taco truck, some fizzy drink and lots of bright colours, perfect for boys

- bicycles and balloons

using a huge balloon and your own retro style bike in an urban location, pop on your cool sunnies

There are a couple more I'll add in later but I've got some props to source first.

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