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tips for picking your location

Lets just assume we are talking about going on location and not in the studio... then I split my locations into two basic categories and then go from there. Urban or organic?

Basically urban is in town, using the textures of old bricks and timber walls, maybe some town murals or a wall painted in a cool colour. It all depend on what you want to achieve. Urban locations look great with jeans and t-shirts, but also work with tutus and taco trucks.

Organic is anywhere with nature. Trees and grass. The look will always change depending on the time of the year and how much rain we've had. If you want green grass dont book your location session in the height of a Wagga summer. Its all golden grass at that stage! But at the moment its winter and we've had good rain, not too much, and the lush green grass is everywhere.

BUT as a photographer there is one thing that trumps location every single time.

Can I get good light?

I will always recommend a location based on the light at the time of the day we have booked your session. If you are having a morning location session I'm going to be looking for shade and avoiding all those bright shiny parts. I generally stay out direct sunlight. So if you want to be in the middle of a paddock with scenery for miles then book a sunset time slot for your session. It wont work for a ten am session ( unless we have amazing storm clouds with no wind and no rain but the chances are slim! )

If you chat to me about what you want to achieve from your session then I can recommend a location that gives me the light I need with the look you want.

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