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my name is skye ( and my last name isn't rocket )

I am a mum of three and I am a photographer. ( Not always in that order and I'm also lots of other things in between, if you're a mum you know what its like. Its busy!  )


When I was little I used to line all my dolls up and take their photo, I would drive my mum mad with my constant requests to get film developed! My dad gave me his old camera when I was twelve years old and I photographed everything. I used to skip science class so I could spend more time in the dark room. I loved watching the image appear in the developing tray, now I get the same feeling watching my work come off the printer.


There are so many reasons I love photographing kids... children see the beauty in the most mundane of things. Beetles, gumboots, even things like balloons... big bits of coloured latex on a piece of string, yet to a child its something whimsical and magical.

My own kids make me realise that time goes so fast. They really do grow up too fast. The only way I can hold onto those moments is to capture them with my camera.

And then I can hold onto them forever. 

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