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five flowers photo challenge

If your kids is a big fan of YouTube you'll know what Im talking about when I say "photo challenge". On Kids YouTube they do all kinds of challenges and my daughter is obsessed. She is also using the word "epic" in excess but I dont know if I can blame that on YouTube or not.

I always do a blossoms shoot for my daughter every year. We all know this year has been an extra layer of crazy so she decided to turn her photo session into a photo challenge. The challenge was to do five flower sessions in a week. Now, doing five photos shoots in a week is a pretty big task so Im not ashamed to say I skipped the time limit on this challenge. I dont know if it still counts, but not only did I have to shoot and edit them but I also had to prep five different outfits and scout five different locations.

This is what we came up with to start off... Im lucky to have such a gorgeous girl who loves having her photo taken and wearing tulle skirts.

Flower One : blossom trees

Flower Two : Pattersons Curse ( yes its technically a weed but its so pretty! This is also the shoot that gave me the worst allergies EVER and knocked me on my butt for a week )

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